Lamb Meat Pricing

Lamb For Your Table

Ground lamb – $8.00 per lb
Kabob – $8.50 per lb
5-7 lb leg of lamb (bone in or not) – $9.25 per lb
3-5 lb shoulder roast (bone in or not) – $9.00 per lb
ribs and shanks – $6.50 per lb
.5-1 lb steaks from the leg of lamb – $12.00 per lb
.5-1 lb 1 1/2″ thick loin chops – $20.00 per lb
shoulder chops – $9.00 per lb

Whole and Half Carcass Pricing

$9.25 per lb
The amount of frozen meat you will get is:
25 lbs of various cuts of meat for 1/2 carcass
50 lbs of various cuts of meat for a whole carcass

If you order in advance you can get your carcass custom cut to your specifications.
If you buy one already harvested you will receive cuts from the list above.

Orders can be delivered or picked up at 3 local Farmers Markets at the Triple L Ranch meat booth
Come to the farm for a tour and pick up
Please call or email us with any questions.

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