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End of the Road Farm is …

  …located at the End of a 2.5 mile picturesque Road 30 minutes west of Nashville in a small community called Fernvale.  Our family has been raising beef cattle here on Triple L Ranch for 45 years.  Along side them John and I raise our registered, open pasture, RR, Katahdin hair sheep.  We practice pasture rotation grazing, selective deworming after fecal analysis, and pasture lambing.  In the Fall we expose the ewes to our rams for a Spring lambing season.  With creep feeding grains and native pasture we prepare the weanlings for sale in July.  Our registered ewe lambs sell for $350 each and the rams $450 each. Our Katahdin breeding program concentrates on good muscular and utter development, good mothering, healthy feet, shedding ability, parasite resistance and overall good health.

    Due to the success we had selling our 1/2 carcasses from last season, we will wether our ram lambs again this year for our frozen meat program. Harvest of our wethers is November through January.  We were able to sell 1/2 carcasses to our farmers market customers so they can fill their freezers with delicious custom cuts.  These customers are reporting back that they want to stay on our list and want to up their order quantity this year. We couldn’t be happier.

    Feel free to come visit us to purchase purebred  Katahdins as an excellent addition to your flock, or contact us to order frozen packaged lamb meat for your table.  John and I are hooked on the lamb chops and lamb stew.

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