End of the Road Farm Franklin, TN


    End of the Road Farm is where my husband, John, and I enjoy raising our registered flock of Katahdin sheep.  As with raising any animal we learned that you have to start with the best stock to produce quality offspring for sale.  Our hope is to service the market with the best quality breeding stock available in Tennessee as well as offer delicious frozen cuts for your table.  This year our lamb cuts have been selling well with many repeat customers coming back for more.  Our flock has all RR bloodlines and is certified scrapie free.  We are enrolled in our state’s voluntary scrapie program.

    Here at End of the Road Farm, along with our flock of sheep we raise all natural, free range eggs.  Our henhouse cackles every morning as the hens lay their precious gifts in the early hours of the day.  Our ducks, that provide training for the Border Collies, lay wonderful cooking eggs.  My cornbread has never tasted so good.

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